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Big Dogs: 1570
Medium Dogs: 988
Small Dogs: 334
  High: 74° F
Low: 58° F

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May 8
New CD Dogology is finally Mastered! Click here to listen to samples

April 8
Big Dogs Island Visiting Day

September 8
Small Dogs Island Visiting Day

November 22
Around the Island On Boat
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My dog is small but still attacks bigger dogs. Will it be safe?
Yes. Dog Island is actually a small complexes of islands. There is one island reserved for the miniatures like Chihuahas and tiny poodles. If your dog falls into the tiny dog category it will find itself wonderfully happy on the tiny dog island

My dog is being picked on by neighborhood raccoons. Can you give me any advice?
Yes. Send your dog to Dog Island. But in the meantime, teach your dog to be tough. Buy a BB Gun and get your dog a stuffed raccoon, like the owners of our favorite dalmation, Charlie, did (see article)

What do the dogs eat on the island?
There were 10,000 rabbits released on to the island 2 years ago. We are not sure how many rabbits there are in total now, but they far out number the dogs, and continue to reproduce rapidly. Dogs are given some supplemental eating supplies and are monitored electronically to ensure they are finding their way to natural food sources

But what do the rabbits eat?
A crew of 15 vegetation restoration engineers are constantly planting large patches of wild carrot. The dog food your dog has gotten used to is such crap you have no idea.

My dog is very very fat. Will it make it on the island?
After you complete your application to send your dog there is a very important training time for a period of three months that you and your family will need to participate actively in.

If I visit the Island, how can I be sure to see my dog?
You can't be sure. Your dog is now free, a part of the natural system of life and the world. Many people do see their dogs, and others just instinctively know that their dog is there, happy and free.

My dog seems happiest lazy and warm, curled up by a fire. Will he really be happier at Dog Island?
Yes. Studies have shown that dogs with this lazy tendency also lack a luster for life which is revived by connecting to the great outdoors. Dog Island stands by it's beliefs in giving dogs a real chance to connect with nature and find their true life mate, no more human accutrements, like TV and dog toys that turn the dog's mind to mush.

What kind of shelter do you provide for the dogs?
There are actually many caves along the shoreline, artificially made, which dogs can go to to avoid the rain. They are great caves. People like them too. I think that even bears would love these caves for hibernation. But mostly, the weather is BEAUTIFUL on the Island so shelter is not really an issue. Dogs LOVE hurricanes, too, which we recently discovered!

My dog is very high strung and often gets into fights with other dogs. I can control this now, but what happens when fights break out on the island?
Fights break out occassionally, but this is not a real issue, because eventually, the dogs learn to get along. Every now and then some dogs gang up and kill and then eat another dog, but this is just natural, and it's okay for it to happen now and then, but normally this is not the case.

High strung dogs often are a symptom of a dog not properly conditioned to human lives, even though he reacts mean only to other dogs. It will take canine socialization for him to learn. But there are preparations you will need to make in training before we pick him up. The specific type of pre-training will be determined after our representative meet with you.

Certain things you can do is to start finding rodents and squirrels for the terriers to kill. This is his natural instinct and without that outlet, he will look towards other dogs and even sometimes babies. We can't have that happening.

Speaking of fighting, what do you do about pack-forming?
For introduction to the Dog Island, we like to have all the new dogs spend time together in the bungalo, which is really the Pen which is just the pre-Dog Island place for the new dogs to "pack up" with each other.

You see, on Dog Island, pack forming is very common and normal. But if a new dog was just let loose onto the island all by him or herself, the pack would easily destroy him. This is why we like introducing only packs onto the island, because it allows for mutual respect of packs and clans, and they learn to intermingle very quickly. We are lucky that we thought this through beforehand, because we've ended up with zero unintended casualties of pack wars!

No matter how big Dog Island is, I'm sure that overpopulation and overcrowding will become an issue someday. What do you do with dogs once it's time for them to leave the island?
Dog Island has not been around TOO long so the question of "after" has never occurred. We are hoping that with the growing popularity of dog island, there will be more legislation passed that will allow more dog islands to open in the country and world, and then overcrowding will not become a problem at all. We still have many years and many dogs to go until overcrowding is a problem on the island. Also, the dogs keep themselves trimmed too. And also, we've received many spayed and neutered dogs which cuts down on reproductions.

Is it possible to send dogs who live in shelters and have no chance to find a new family to live in? Are you willing to work with shelters on this matter?
Definitely. We believe that shelters do great work, and could stand to learn from our philosophy and approach, as I'm sure we stand to learn a lot from them.

The web site does not explain why there is a need for Dog island. Could you please try to explain?
Yes. I will try to explain here. For years human beings have owned other human beings. This was called slavery. During times of slavery, slave owners talked about the difference between treating their slaves in a "good" way and in a "bad" way. The issue was never, should we or should we not own slaves. For a more detailed discussion of this notion, see Valerie Martin's book Property. You'll find it to be an eye-opener.

The same issues apply to us, in this 21st century. We have conditioned our lovely canine friends to live under our rules. They are used to it, yes. They have learned to love us anyway, yes. But it is not right, no. Dogs should live free, should live lives unfettered by humiliation due to forced public defecation and having to walk on a leash.

It is with this in mind that Dog Island was created. Is it the ultimate answer? No, but it's a step in the right direction - dogs living on their own, controlling their own destinies in ways that they absolutely cannot while under human rule.

Here at Dog Island, we look to give back to dogs what we have taken from them: their freedom.

Are you sure/can you guarantee that even purebred dogs, used to live with humans and enjoying it, would feel well at dogisland?
Wouldn't they suffer and miss human company?

Let's discuss how you and your dog can benefit
from working with Dog Island. Believe it or not, no matter how happy you dog may seem now, it's true that he is still a slave to you. This is not your
fault, not directly, at least. Because centuries have conditioned us to not notice that humans enslave dogs.

The Dog Island is the first step in a long process of "Re-Wildification" which will help dogs to rediscover their true instinctual roots. There is no need for them to be wasting their time chasing balls and frisbees when they should really be hunting rabbits and gophers.

People who have sent their dogs to Dog Island truly understand that to fully express their love to their dogs, they have to let their dogs be free. The dogs will never harbour any resent towards you, the owner.

In fact, in their own, unique ways, they will thank you for letting them to really be themselves, to really be free.

We hope that you can sit with these thoughts for a while, take a deep breath, and then please tell us about your very special relationship with your dog .

We are sure you are a wonderful, loving and protective dog owner, and once you tell us about yourself and your relationship with your beautiful dog, we will explain to you how you will feel even better once you decide to let your dog rediscover his/her ancestral roots.

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Dogologists around the world are studying the behavioral development on Dog Island. Exciting and new things are happening on almost daily basis.

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Several of our dogologists have placed microphones on Dog Island. Listen to the soothing sounds of Dog Island.